At your side from conception to completion.

Beyond the architectural design, the agency assists you in the administrative steps along with the coordination and supervision of the work until its commissioning.




  • Working out and implementation of the program and specifications.

  • Presentation of a booklet with different home-makeover ideas.

  • Definition of the atmosphere and the concept of the project.

  • Study of the living-spaces to optimise.

  • Realisation of plans and thecnical details.

  • Selection of materials, colors, finishes, equipment...

  • Introducing building companies and specialists to the client.

  • Realisation of technical plans for building companies.

  • Study and analysis of quotes.

  • Supervising puchases and orders.

  • Supervising plans conformity and the smooth fonctionning of the shipyard.



Price: Between 10% and 15% of the total cost of the work.